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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Doodles do you have?
GOLDENDOODLES, sometimes Bernedoodles and Labradoodles. 
How do we meet the Doodles?
 Fill out the adoption application 
and Book Online to set a day and time.


What Doodles are at the Ranch now?
We do not publish an available "list" publicly because we want to encourage you to visit The Ranch and personally fall in love with a puppy. When a litter you're interested in comes up, we are happy to verbally give you inventory of colors, size and genders. Also check out our Instagram Page, where we post pics and details about each available litter.

Male vs. Female Doodles?
Is there really a difference? The book says "No." We have to agree. Now, personality will vary between puppies, but not specific to a sex. 

Can a puppy come home same day?
Most often, any Doodle you meet on The Ranch will be ready to take home with you that day, or we can hold them for a few days at no charge. So if you think you'l want to take a puppy home, come prepared with a blanket for the ride back, and either a travel crate or a passenger puppy-holder - we provide the   rest!
Where are you located? 
Santa Barbara, CA is where we care for and show the pups.  We do not publish our address. The morning of your appointment, text 805-679-1816 to confirm - we will promptly reply with the address, directions and instructions for parking. 

How does a deposit work?
Deposits are $450, usually done via Venmo @doodledoodsfam and all deposits are non-refundable. So be sure that you and your family want to adopt because deposits are transferable one-time only If you must return your puppy within the 5 day window, your adoption fee will be returned to you less the $450 NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE DEPOSIT 

Are the parents on-site?
No, the parent dogs live with our breeders in their homes as members of their families. We trust our long-term, exclusive team of professionals to do their job very well - they consistently impress us with gorgeous healthy pups we are thrilled to invite into our life for a little while...until YOU become their new #1 !

Are there any discounts?
We frequently offer sales but generally, adoption fees are not negotiable.  

Do Goldendoodles come with "papers" ?
No. Goldendoodles are a "designer breed" not recognized by the AKC, and therefore will not come with registration papers. They will however come with vaccination and deworming medical history sheet & Health Guarantee. 

How do I make an appointment?

 Please Book Online here on our site!

Calls, Texts Emails & Direct Messages will be responded to as soon as possible, please be patient - we'll respond ASAP.



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